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To learn any martial art it is necessary to have lessons. You guessed this. You may have had a few, or not. Oh you have to pay for them as well - life is cruel.

Okay, you're bored, you want to practice some Taekwondo at home. Let do it. Oh, and mind the light fittings (they really hurt). It help if you have a large mirror that you can see yourself in (wow you're looking good today, but do get a haircut).

Disclaimer: Do not do this, or follow any part of this website if this is going to cause you injury or to die. See your friendly health practitioner first if you are not sure if you are in good health. Why not pop in anyway and see if your bloody pressure etc. is okay, after all you have been working far too hard lately.

Taekwondo Lessons

Warm Ups: If you don't do this, you will be in pain shortly.

Cool Downs: If you don't do this, you will be in pain tomorrow and the next day.

Lesson One: A taster if you haven't tried Taekwondo or a martial art before.

Training Guides

Safe stretching exercises

How to do that perfect back kick.