Links to other Taekwondo Sites of Interest

URL: Description:
Female Traveller A site full of useful information for the female traveller
Tomcat's Taekwondo Pages Nice site with some good graphics for patterns
(Shamelessly) Unofficial Taekwondo Hyung Resource Page Excellent information on patterns etc.
General Taekwondo Information Nicely laid out site of general TKD information
UVM TKD Student Manual Good general introduction
A Summary of Korean Terminology for TaeKwonDo Good Korean language site
WTF Poomse Patterns in a graphical form
Bristol Taekwondo School Pattern in MPEG Video form (pictures a bit small but still useful)
Newcastle University Taekwondo Club Well laid out site with pictures, and list of required moves for grading
Family and Friends Section
The Website of the DAoC Dragoons on Merlin Our Dark Age of Camelot Guild site.
Barney Wol's Home Page Peter Vince's site on time, owls, and sun outages.